Asia’s top race created by China Huway together with North America Endurance Aventure

China’s first endurance multi-sports challenge which located in the Chishui river valley with the theme of Red Army 4 times crossing Chishui.

China’s first TV live broadcast race facing global MBA、EDP、EMBA and business elite competition.

Remain Committed to Our Mission
and Continue to Forge Ahead


Long March is one of the most important events that affected the future of the world in twentieth Century. It is a human epic full of ideals and dedication, with courage and will. 4 Times Crossing ChiShui is the most glorious chapter in this epic, but also is the most vivid portrayal of the great spirit of human " no fear of strong enemy, no fear of danger, persisting in fighting, never say die ".

On the occasion of the 81st anniversary of the triumph of the Long March by the Red Army of Chinese Workers and Peasants, China Huway together with North America Endurance Aventure, Zunyi Tourism Industry Development Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. , and Guizhou BC & TV Information Network Co., Ltd. holds Asia’s top endurance multi-sports challenge which located in the Chishui river valley with the theme of Red Army 4 times crossing Chishui and facing global business elite.

On April 2017, let us relive the spirit of the Long March, chasing the road and dream of business and life growth, remaining mobilized for brand new endeavors. We will remain committed to our mission, and continue to forge ahead.


·Asia’s highest execution level( famous race planning agency China Huway together with North America Endurance Aventure)

·Best “Play Game” experience, hearty stimulus races, perfect infrastructure, spectacular landscape, rich cultural heritage, fully social interaction, perfect competition experience.

·China's largest TV + network synchronized live broadcast endurance multi-sports challenge.( 16 provincial TVs and satellite TVs + 20 major network broadcast platforms, such as Betta Fish, Panda, Dragon Ball, Pepper, Youtube, Periscope, Facebook Live, Twitch, which will all release a comprehensive race impact.)

·A more comprehensive evaluation system: according to the corporate rankings, school rankings and team rankings, overally assess teamwork spirit and individual mettle.

·Specifically group set up for business elite: Let the passionate investors and our business school entrepreneurs fight side by side, to seek the future of industry and capital integration In face of race challenges.


Organizers:Guizhou Tourism Development CommitteeZunyi Municipal People's GovernmentRIC Organization Committee

Title sponsor: Guizhou BC & TV Information Network Co., Ltd.

Undertakers:Zunyi municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Zunyi Tourism Development Committee Zunyi Tourism Industry Development Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. Zunyi Red Tourism (Group) Co., Ltd. Renhuai Municipal People's Government Chishui Municipal People's Government Xishui County People's Government China Huway

Executive Committee:Nanjing Seven summits and two poles network Co., Ltd. Zunyi Cycling,tourism & Culture Co. Ltd. Endurance Aventure(Canada)

D.Race schedule and location

Cover Time:2nd April,2017 -5th April,2017

Check - in place:  Moutai International Hotel, Maotai Town ,Renhuai,Zunyi,China

Pick Up Points and Time:2nd April,2017,Guiyang Longbao Airport、Zunyi Airport、Zunyi Guesthouse (Zunyi District)

Check - in Time: 2nd April,2017 8:00-20:00 2nd April,2017 15:30-15:50 Press Meeting 2nd April,2017 16:00-20:00 Technical Presentation and Mountain bike, canoeing, Rope Technology adapting training,Mandatory Equipment Inspection (cyclically done continuously) 2nd April,2017 18:30-20:00 welcome dinner(buffet)

Race Time:3rd April,2017 – 4th April,2017

Delivery Points and Time:5th April,2017,Guiyang Longbao Airport、Zunyi Airport,Luzhou Airport

Race flow chart:

First Day Schedule

Start Time: 9:00 am Close Time: 19:00pm

Second Day Schedule

Start Time: 8:00 am Close Time: 18:00 pm

E.Team and Request

1)Face to business schools including MBA, EDP, EMBA and business elites,each team consist of TWO MEMBERS. All members must be familiar with swimming (no swimming stage, but in the canoeing stage if one fall into water should have self rescue ability) and mountain bike riding, and at least have a half-marathon finished experience, two-man kayak will be provided with on-site training, any woman in a team will enjoy the time-off policy.

2)Business School Team: 80% race quota prepared for the business school. Members must be regular students, graduated students and pre-admitted students(When you apply, please upload your student ID card or graduation photo to the official email box The business school can only send at least TWO TEAMS to the race then be eligible to participate in the final rankings.

3)Business Elites Team: 20% race quota prepared for the business elites,including business elite, entrepreneurial elite, well-known investment institutions and race sponsors(after registration, the Organizing Committee will verify the identity of all the applicants). Sponsor teams are limited to Title Sponsor (no more than 3 teams) and Platinum Sponsors (no more than 2 teams for each platinum sponsor )

4)Service Team: members could be teacher, racers’ family members, team reporter, doctor, coach, school team sponsor, etc., all service teams should be in MBA, EDP, EMBA and business elites units of for the registration. The number of Service team members shouldn’t be more than 6 people. Organizing Committee will provide Service Teams transportation to the designated area to watch the race, and all service team members can not participate in the race.

See links in detail:

F.Accommodation Criteria

Two accommodation packages: Long March Experience package(2 nights self-service camping+1 night hotel/inn) and Victory Celebrate package(3 nights hotel/inn)

Race Backpack Material List


1. Fees include tournament registration fee, pick-up (air port or train station) and local transportation, accommodation during the race period, food and beverage costs, race equipments rental , luggage transferring etc.;

2. Teamed freely, but each team two racers need to register at the same time. Service Team fee is the same with the racers.

3. If choose Long March Experience package, the racers need to carry camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, etc.), Organizing Committee will provide standard camp service (shower, electricity, etc.).

4. Organizing Committee only provide standard rooms, the racers can exchange between themselves; for extra single rooms, please pay the difference at the hotel reception.

5. Two packed lunches for the racing days,The rest are formal meals.


Award of the participating Schools (Enterprises)

Award of the participating Teams

1.New Long March Award:schools and enterprises teams with a completion rate of more than 70%, then the school and enterprise can get the “New Long March Award”.

2.All finished team members will win the medal.

3.Best Ethic Award,Best Environmental Protection Award,Best Motivational awards, Best Team Award: All above Awards will be selected by Committee according to the teams performance during the race and awarded on the reunion party.

H.Equipment Required

a)Equipments provided by the Organizing Committee:

b)Equipments prepared and carried by racers them own:

c)Recommended equipment list