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Originally introduced the North American Gaspe International Extreme Off-Road Challenge. The race lasted two days and traveled 160 kilometers. Orientation, Trail running, cycling, rowing, bridge landing, zipline and other thrilling challenges were alternated

Long March is a great expedition of idealism —— Chairman Xijinping

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The track runs through the national tourist resort

Event space Red Army " Crossing the Chishui River Four Times " took place as the main line, combined with the Chishui river valley terrain features, and his teammates fought in the Red River Valley, same boat, feel the legendary Chishui, experiencing the core of life

Full of story in the new Long march

Better event experience

Mellow wine

The starting point of our game is in the most legendary wine town-Maotai Ancient Town,As long as you have a story, there is wine here.

Gentle times

The starting point of our game here is the independence of the world and the years are quiet, just like walking into the old town of Tucheng and Bingan.

Nice scenery

Here is the most complete river valley tourist road system in Asia;Chishui River Tourist Road as the race track.

Amazing track

There are Luan Park from the Jurassic era, and there are extreme ecological beauty such as Chishui Danxia and Chishui Waterfall.

Cool challenge

The various cool items of RIC are advanced alternately, giving you a great "playing game" experience and letting you crazy

Delicious supplies

Chishui River is the channel for Sichuan salt to enter Guizhou water. The cuisines and snacks of the three provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan are gathered here.

Higher event specifications
300+ business schools 500+ teams 800+ elites of EMBA 200+ elites of Social player 100+ elites player 4+ international cooperateons 10+ real time broadcasting 100+ all media platform 800+ volunteers

Working with the North American RIG team

The well-known event operating agency and the North American RIG team have built up after three years of ingenuity, and the Long March RIC has become a highly experiential and challenging business school benchmarking event in Asia.

Everyone has a long march

The only competitions created based on the space of "Crossing the Chishui River Four Timesi" relives the spirit of the Long March, challenging itself, forging friendships, accumulating strength, and chasing the growth of dreamers. Once a RIC, it can be hero for a whole year.

Every entrepreneur should come to Chishui once

Contemporary entrepreneurs, with various missions, are strong, self-disciplined, and self-aware. They are walking the long march of career and life. Chairman Mao said, "I am proud of Crossing the Chishui River Four Times " The Red Army Long March is one of the most important events that can affect the future of the world in the 20th century

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主办单位:遵义市文体旅游局 / 遵义交旅投
承办单位:仁怀市人民政府 / 赤水市人民政府 / 习水县人民政府 / 遵义文旅集团
运营单位:中华户外网 / 遵义赤水河谷旅游度假区运营管理有限公司
支持单位:国际山地旅游联盟 / 全国MTA教指委秘书处 / 中国MBA联谊会 / 贵州省中小企业发展促进会
协办单位: Endurance Aventure / 南开大学MTA中心


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